Uncovering Modesty


Uncovering Modesty - Seeking God's Meaning and Intent

  1. Does modesty in the Bible always and only refer to clothing, particularly female clothing?
  2. Why does every preacher, church, and school have a different standard for modesty?
  3. Does God always hold the female responsible for a male’s lustful thoughts toward her?

Instead of turning to respected Christians for answers to these questions and more, I am determined to conduct my own study, seeking to understand what God truly has said about modesty in the Bible.

Below, you will find links to each part in this series. Any part that is not a link has been planned but not yet published. More parts will be added as my study progresses.

Uncovering Modesty: Introduction
Uncovering Modesty: Laying the Foundation
Uncovering Modesty: Finding “Modest” in the Bible (Part 1)
Uncovering Modesty: Finding “Modest” in the Bible (Part 2)
Uncovering Modesty: Exposing Our Bodies
Uncovering Modesty: Men’s Clothing
Uncovering Modesty: Women’s Clothing
Uncovering Modesty: Causing Another to Stumble
Uncovering Modesty: Looking Beyond Clothes