Trust Issues

I love this blog. It’s my place. Yes, I invited you in when I made it public, but this is my space. I choose what to write, when to write, why to write. And my choices spasm and cycle, reflecting my life’s spasmodic cycling.

If I’ve been reading a lot, my blog tends to reflect that, being peppered with book reviews. (Like my last, oh, ten or so posts.) If I’m feeling angst-ridden, my blog posts mirror that angst.… Read the rest

Making a Happy Marriage

Genevieve West is trying to collect #AllTheTips for how to make marriages #AllTheAwesome. (Her words.) And she asked me to link my tips.

Before I share my “wisdom” gleaned from experience, let me encourage you to check out and the Happy Wives Club Facebook page. You’ll find loads of tips and encouragement for us women who have (or want to have) happy marriages.

I would say I have a happy marriage.

It’s not 100%, all-the-time sunshine and roses, but overall, Robert and I make a great team in every way.… Read the rest


Bottle it all up tight And throw away the key. Put on a happy face For everyone to see.

Push back the silent tears; Ignore your bleak despair. Dress up in perfect style From toe tip to your hair.

Show them what they want to see – A happy, perfect life. You’re the best girl around – A model mom and wife.

They do not know or care That you are really dead, Filled not with happiness But misery instead.… Read the rest

Beyond the Bend

You know how you can travel a road and it stretches straight out in front of you into the seemingly endless distance? But then you travel a bit and are surprised to find a curve in the road?

That has been our 2013.

In January, Robert found out that he was in serious danger of losing his job.

With his boss’ help, he searched for and found another job within the same company. He started his new job the first week of March.… Read the rest

What Makes a Home?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and although I’m not super into the holiday, I love that it prompts me to once again look at my husband from a loving perspective. (Honestly, I try to do that all year long, but I sometimes… ahem… forget my good intentions.)

I was thinking of something mushy to write my husband about being in love with him but ended up thinking instead of how I just want to be wherever he is.… Read the rest

Old Faithful

The title makes you think of gushing water, doesn’t it?

I’m actually talking about Robert. And let me make it absolutely clear that I mean the title as a compliment, not as a put down. Robert is one of the most reliable people I know. If he says that he will do something, you can count on his keeping his word. He’s faithful at church, at work, to his friends, and, most important to me, to his family.… Read the rest

When SuperMom Loses Her Super – Part 3

If you know me in real life, please understand that making this public is very hard for me and that I may not actually want to talk about this in person. You’re welcome to try to talk to me about it, but don’t be surprised or offended if I don’t respond in-depth.

If you’re just joining me, you can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Little Bear was born in March, 2011. The pregnancy was my most difficult, and I was thrilled to finally welcome my little fella into the world.… Read the rest