When SuperMom Loses Her Super – Part 2

If you know me in real life, please understand that making this public is very hard for me and that I may not actually want to talk about this in person. You’re welcome to try to talk to me about it, but don’t be surprised or offended if I don’t respond in-depth.

If you’re just joining me, you can read part 1 here.

Twelve years into my marriage (2011), life seemed like it should be great.… Read the rest

Journey Out of Darkness


I built a fortress, tall and strong – Built it deep and built it long. Built it so that I’d be free From threats against my deepest me.

Bit by bit the walls grew high Until they nearly reached the sky, Sheltering, protecting, shutting out Tears within and fears without.

I built a fortress but found on waking I was locked within a prison of my own making.

~ Revka Stearns

Not so long ago, my world once again grew dark.… Read the rest

Free Piano Music for You – Arranged by Yours Truly

One of my blog design clients has become a good friend who frequently interacts with me on my Facebook profile. When I mentioned something about my playing the piano, she asked to hear some of my playing, and I said I’d share sometime.

True to my procrastinating nature, this exchange happened several months ago, and I am just now getting around to sharing my music. In 2006 (wow – 5 years ago!), I had the opportunity to record some of my favorite piano arrangements, including 5 arrangements I created.… Read the rest

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Although I don’t blog here regularly any more, I haven’t forgotten you special people who have laughed and cried with me throughout the times I’ve made public on this blog. You hold a special place in my heart, and even though it’s not on Christmas Day, I wanted to make sure that I wished you and your family a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Sometimes the holidays are hard. If that’s the case for you, I’m praying that this season brings you three of the greatest treasures life can hold – love, joy, and peace.… Read the rest

Homeschooling No More (and) Completing Our Family

Hi, y’all! I was looking at my poor blog and realized it was high time I posted something. Life, as always, has been incredibly busy. I will make time to post photos – soon, I hope. But in the meantime, a written summary will simply have to do.

After I did a miserable job of home schooling last year (’09 -’10), Mr. Incredible and I decided the girls needed to be in school this year (’10 -’11).… Read the rest

Happy Mother’s Day

After having 4 little ones of my own, I understand my mother much better.

  • I understand why she sent us outside to play when we were having (very noisy) fun inside.
  • I understand why she lost her temper and yelled at us when we had done for the millionth time what she had repeatedly instructed us not to do.
  • I understand why she got frustrated when she was the one picking up our (HUGE) messes – yet again.
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I’m Exhausted, but I Accomplished a Lot

These past two weeks have been very stressful as I have worked long hours to finish as many client projects as possible before taking a week long break from my business.

This past week was absolutely insane. From Monday through Friday, I did the following:

  • 4 Blueberry Delight custom blog design packages from start to finish
  • 1 custom HTML page, including all the coding and graphics
  • 1 navigation bar and contact form
  • 1 ecommerce website – final content and product insertion
  • 1 database transfer
  • 3 hours of transferring Word docs to pdf format and then inserting them into a website
  • 2 hours of maintenance
  • 4 hours of training clients how to use their sites

Of course, my house was a complete disaster since working 10 – 12 hour days leaves no time for anything else.… Read the rest