When I Fall in Love (Book Review)

Fear and I have been bosom buddies for years. Consequently, I really identified with both main characters in Susan May Warren’s novel, When I Fall in Love. Fear of the future, fear of letting others see the real person behind the mask, fear of rejection, fear of stepping outside your comfort zone – these fears and more initially ruled the characters. And those same fears have often ruled my life.

In this heartwarming story, Grace and Max discover the same truth I learned: when fear rules you, it binds and cripples you, keeping you from becoming who and what you were intended to be.… Read the rest

All my Belongings (Book Review)

Have you ever felt so negatively affected by your family that you wish you could change your name and remove your association with your family? That’s how Jayne, the heroine of All my Belongings, felt, and that’s the course of action she took. But her past was not so easily shaken, and changing her name couldn’t erase her roots or her family’s history.

Although I found myself questioning a couple of plot points and character actions, I enjoyed reading this tale that moved me to tears and laughter, occasionally at the same time.… Read the rest

I’m Nobody: The Lost Pages (Book Review)

The premise of I’m Nobody: The Lost Pages drew me with magnetic appeal. You see, I’ve often (past and present) seen myself as a nobody. Worthless. Insignificant. Invisible. Without any redeeming value. My instant identification with the title prompted me to sign up as a reviewer.

While the book’s excerpt/teaser is accurate, I somehow thought the story would follow a very different path than the one it took. The unexpected story wasn’t bad. I quite enjoyed it, actually.… Read the rest

A Bridge Unbroken (Book Review)

A Bridge Unbroken in many ways echoes the path I’m on right now.

– Dakota runs from her problems. I tend to withdraw and retreat if I can’t actually run away. – Dakota holds negative emotions inside. So do I. – Dakota doesn’t trust many people. I have major trust issues.

I obviously identified strongly with the heroine. However, that’s not the only reason I loved the book.

To me, the characters, for the most part, felt real.… Read the rest

Fearing Negative Emotions

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” ~II Timothy 1:7

Fear. I’m confronting it in my life, learning to recognize its grip and its consequences. I’m amazed to realize how often fear rules me. Fear not only deprives me of loving relationships but also greatly hampers my growth in just about every area of which I can think.

  • faith and spiritual life
  • social interactions
  • emotions
  • business transactions
  • volunteer work
  • finances
  • interpersonal relations

I can think of specific instances in which fear has held me back or even harmed me in every single one of these areas.… Read the rest

Trust Issues

I love this blog. It’s my place. Yes, I invited you in when I made it public, but this is my space. I choose what to write, when to write, why to write. And my choices spasm and cycle, reflecting my life’s spasmodic cycling.

If I’ve been reading a lot, my blog tends to reflect that, being peppered with book reviews. (Like my last, oh, ten or so posts.) If I’m feeling angst-ridden, my blog posts mirror that angst.… Read the rest

Surprised by Grace (Book Review)

Elizabeth Sherrill crafted others’ stories into memorable masterpieces (The Hiding Place, God’s Smuggler) but resisted sharing her story. I’m glad she finally changed her mind. Hers story takes us on a journey in which we clearly see God’s pursuing love that captured her and changed her life.

Reading this felt almost like reading a journal or a memoir. I felt as though I were privy to Mrs. Sherrill’s thoughts and innermost feelings. Her transparency and willingness to draw the reader into an intimate encounter left me with an impression of warmth, as if I had been visiting a dear friend.… Read the rest