The Parable of Three Miners*

* Note: This is not intended to be sacrilegious. This is my sense of humor exhibiting itself by converting my thoughts into the language and method of conveyance in which I’ve recently been immersed.

Now it came to pass that Revka was gathered together with her friends [virtually]. And she began speaking a parable unto them.

There were once three friends named Joshua, Hal, and Cayden. One day, they decided to search for gold. They made their plans, purchased supplies, and then traveled to a gold field which legend declared to be so full of gold that anyone who went seeking was sure to find some. As it had been told, so it came to pass. When the miners reached their destination, they rejoiced to see flecks of gold mixed with the dirt on which they walked. All three miners retrieved their sieves, filled them with dirt, and began sifting to gather the precious specks of metal.

After a while, Hal began to wonder if the specks made up all of the gold in the area or if something larger could be found. He laid down his sieve and started digging with a shovel instead. The ground was a bit hard, and digging required more effort than simply sifting the surface dirt, but his efforts resulted in rich rewards. He discovered that large nuggets of gold lay not too fat beneath the surface.

Hal excitedly shared his findings with Joshua and Cayden. Cayden declared that he was happy with the specks he was gathering with so little effort and wasn’t interested in having to work harder, even though the nuggets were bigger than the specks.

Joshua joined Hal in digging, and together they found many nuggets. Joshua noticed that the deeper he dug, the larger the nuggets he found. The ground grew increasingly hard as Joshua continued digging, but he wanted to know what treasure lay in the depths below. He exchanged his shovel for a pickaxe. His muscles burned with fatigue, but that pain and exhaustion vanished the moment he hit a vein of gold.

Climbing out of his hole, he jubliantly shared his findings with his friends. While they were excited for Joshua, neither Hal nor Cayden wanted to join him in wrestling the ground for the rich vein of gold. Their disinterest in uncovering such marvelous treasure for themselves did not discourage Joshua. He returned to the exhausting and time-intensive labor that gave him such rich rewards.

All three friends found treasure enough to make them rich. Cayden became a millionaire. Hal’s nuggets made him a billionaire. But Joshua’s gold vein made him the richest of them all.

When Revka finished speaking, many of her friends told her how much they enjoyed her story. Others who knew her well questioned her.

Revka, we know you. We know that your story was more than what it seemed. Why did you tell us that story? What did you want us to hear?

Revka smiled, pleased that her friends had guessed that the story had a hidden message. She shared with them the message.

The gold field is the Bible. The miners are those Christians who seek to learn what God’s Word has to say. The specks of gold on the surface represent the truths that we can learn by merely reading the Bible.

The nuggets found by digging represent the truths that are found by those who study the Bible and don’t just read it. They work to understand more than what is learned by a simple reading. Maybe they look up definitions of words. Or maybe they seek to understand the context. Or perhaps they study a specific topic. Whichever may be the case, these people come away with a deeper understanding than would have been gained by just reading.

The gold vein found through intense labor represents the truths that are discovered by those who put in the time and effort to delve deeply into the meaning and intent of the Scripture they have read. They are not content with merely reading the Bible or with relying on one method of study. Instead, they study a passage in many different ways and take time to thoroughly explore meanings, context, interpretation, and applications.

Time spent in Scripture always brings rewards. The more you invest into your study of Scripture, the more truth and spiritual riches you will find.

A Parable of Three Miners

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