Uncovering Modesty: Laying the Foundation

Uncovering Modesty - Seeking God's Meaning and Intent Now that you know why I’m doing this study, I need to share how I’ll be conducting my study.

I will use the following resources.

  • Holy Bible (King James Version)
  • Strong’s Concordance – primarily used for cross reference purposes and to find out what word was used; another blog’s article helped me understand the correct and incorrect ways to use a concordance
  • Hebrew or Greek Lexicon – to learn the definitions of words used in the language in which the Bible was written
  • Webster’s 1828 Dictionary – the English language has changed quite a bit since the King James Version was translated; the 1828 dictionary will help me better understand what the translators intended to convey with the words they chose

I discovered blueletterbible.org, which combines in one place nearly all my desired tools along with others. Much of my study will be done through that site.

I will use the following as my guidelines:

  • I will not say that God said something if I am talking about my thoughts.
  • I will clearly indicate when I am sharing my thoughts and drawing conclusions.
  • I do not expect everyone to agree with my findings.
  • I do not expect to receive only positive feedback or comments.
  • I do expect and require that interactions be conducted with courtesy and respect.
  • Disagreeing with and debating the topic is fine.
  • Personal attacks, put downs, or disparaging remarks regarding any person is not fine and will not be tolerated.
  • Any comments of that sort will be edited or deleted as I see fit.
  • Repeat violators will have commenting privileges revoked.

I intend to post the first part of the actual study next week. I look forward to seeing you then.

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