Beyond the Bend

picture of sunny road between treesYou know how you can travel a road and it stretches straight out in front of you into the seemingly endless distance? But then you travel a bit and are surprised to find a curve in the road?

That has been our 2013.

In January, Robert found out that he was in serious danger of losing his job.

With his boss’ help, he searched for and found another job within the same company. He started his new job the first week of March.

Problem: The job was 2 hours from our (then) home.

Happy Solution: The new job would move us back to our home area where we would once again be among family and long-time friends. We’d have the social and familial network we had so desperately missed for the 7 years we’d been away from home.

Problem: The girls didn’t get out of school until May 25. Robert started work at the beginning of March.

Solution: For 13 weeks, Robert stayed with his parents during the week (they live about 35 minutes from his job) and came home on the weekends.

Neither one of us were sure how I would handle being without help of any kind for days in a row.

I was just starting to find solid ground after battling deep, dark depression for over a year. I still felt fragile but also knew Robert needed to be able to focus on his new job without having to worry about me. To be quite honest, there were more than a couple of weekends when he came home to find me hanging by a thread, fighting and clawing not to completely break down. It was H.A.R.D.  But by God’s grace we made it.

Since we were moving to a different area, our housing would be changing as well.

Problem: We needed to get our house listed and on the market ASAP. We also needed to buy a new home… preferably accomplishing both by the time the girls got out of school.

Solution: We worked on our home whenever Robert was home. During the week, I’d look for house possibilities online and then relay my findings to Robert who would schedule showings with our Realtor.

front of house - left viewWe finally got our home listed the second week of May. We had found and made an offer on a lovely foreclosure a few weeks earlier. We closed on our new home (photo on left) on May 30. We’re still trying to get our old home sold.

(Psst… if you’re looking to live near New Bern, NC, I can tell you where to get a lovely, updated 1400 square foot home for just $89,900.)

We officially moved on June 1.

Family and friends generously gave of their time and energy to help us move in. It felt wonderful to have love extended in such a tangible way. We settled in to our new home and starting creating our new normal.

Because of all the expenses that had been incurred in the first half of 2013…

we decided that we needed to return to homeschooling the girls and Buddy Bear. If finances had not been an issue, I don’t think any of us would have chosen that option. But I am very happy to report that school is going well.

logo for ABC Mouse - Early Learning AcademyThe girls are using All-in-One Homeschool, a free online Christian homeschooling curriculum. They absolutely love it, even going so far as to beg to be able to do school on Saturdays. (Um, no. Mama needs a break, thank-you-very-much!) Buddy Bear and Little Bear are using ABC Mouse, and they love that, too. To them, it’s playing games. But I can attest that they are most definitely learning as they play.

2013 has been and continues to be a journey into the unknown.

This journey stretches my faith and constantly challenges to trust in God’s provision instead of looking at the numbers on paper and worrying when there seems to be no way ends will meet.

We are making two house payments and paying two electric bills. We’re also trying to pay off debt accumulated during the time Robert was working away from home and during our move. We’re slowly making progress, and I am thrilled to say that although there have been many times when it has seemed as though there would be no way for us to meet our financial obligations, we have been able to pay all of our bills, we haven’t missed any meals, and we’ve not run out of gas. God is, and always will be, faithful.

I hope you are doing well and that 2013 has been a good year for you.


  1. Revka, I’m so happy for you. I know that you have been through a lot of challenges but it is sweet to be on the other side and see God’s hand in all of it. I’m sure it was worth the struggles and sacrifice to be near family again. I pray that you all sell the house quickly.

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