Going for the Gold

Michael Phelps’ feat is astonishing: 8 gold medals and 7 world records in 8 Olympic events. The whole world applauds what he has accomplished, and it is right that his achievement be recognized.

However, his noteworthy achievement did not happen by chance. He didn’t decide one morning a month or two ago that he was going to compete in the Olympics and try to win 8 gold medals. No, his achievement is the result of years of unnoticed sacrifice and determined dedication.

We Christians, too, are going for the gold. Our gold, however, is not a temporary award we will receive here on earth. It is the eternal reward we will receive in heaven. We will not receive applause for our sacrifices and dedication here on earth. On the contrary, people may laugh at us and think we are crazy because of what we sacrifice and the dedication we exhibit in our life as a Christian.

“Why can’t you [fill in the blank]?” people may question. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

They may be right; there may be nothing wrong with the activity in question. But if it doesn’t help us in the right direction, it is something that should be sacrificed if we wish to reach our final goal – “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of thy Lord.”

Not only am I going for the gold in my Christian life, but I am also striving for excellence in my roles as a woman, wife, and mother. I don’t have time for myself? That’s okay. My family needs me, and I am going for the gold. People wonder why I stay at home or home school my children? Those are sacrifices Mr. Incredible and I have chosen to make so that we can give our children what we deem best for them.

There are many other areas where I have chosen to go for the gold, and in many of those areas I need to recommit myself to sacrificing what is holding me back from reaching those goals.

How about you? Are you going for the gold?

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